Ann-Mari Forsberg

Ann-Mari Forsberg came to the studio together with Marianne Richter in 1943. She has created several much-loved rug designs, but her main legacy are the spectacular and often monumental tapestries in bright colors.


Ann-Mari Forsberg joined MMF AB in 1944, and like Marianne Richter she had studied under Barbro Nilsson. As early as January 1945, at the important exhibition Märta Måås-Fjetterström - Mattor och draperier samt bolagets nyproduktion. Barbro Nilsson, Marianne Richter, Ann-Mari Lindbom at the Svensk-franska konstgalleriet, Stockholm, she displayed rugs that would become some of the most sought-after in the future, Rödbroka and Svartbroka.

Her monumental tapestries, such as Bikupan (1959) and Apoteket Rosendoften (1964), were poetic, teeming narratives. They are woven in light, bright colours in wool and shimmering linen. Her playfully inventive wall hanging Crocus, in red or blue, is represented in several museum collections, including, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm; the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Nordenfjeldske kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim; and Kunstindustrimuseet, Oslo.