Product care

Taking care for the next generation

With care, pieces from Märta Måås-Fjetterström can become family heirlooms. Regardless of how carefully a rug is treated, it will eventually begin to show the marks of time. It can then be returned to the studio for inspection and appropriate action. Our own staff that has both the materials and the expertise necessary carries out the work.


Rotate rugs frequently. Flat weave rugs can be used on both sides, so we recommend including the reverse in a rotation scheme. Direct sun will cause fading and eventually affect the quality of the materials. If possible, use windows with built-in UV-filtering for long-term protection. 

Daily Cleaning

Vacuum frequently to remove surface dirt and dust. Do not use a vacuum with rotating brushes and always take care to avoid vacuuming the oriental braid and fringes. 

Stain removal

Remove stains immediately. Absorb any excess liquid with a linen towel or baby diaper. Then use cold to lukewarm water and a sponge. Dampen the stain and soak up the water. Repeat the process until the stain is gone. If necessary, a small amount of liquid dish soap can be applied. Do not rub the stain. Do not use salt or specialty cleaning products as this can lessen the result of professional cleaning. 

Professional cleaning

Sooner or later professional cleaning is needed. This should not be done more often than necessary as it inevitably removes some of the wool’s natural protective oils. We recommend returning the piece to the studio for an evaluation of the optimal cleaning method. If this isn’t possible, only use a trusted water cleaner that has experience in working with high-quality Persian rugs.


We offer restoration of any type of damage and wear. However, sometimes the best thing might be to allow the mark of time. We always share our opinion on what we believe is the most appropriate action from a financial, conservationist and functional point of view. The fringes are the most exposed part of the rug and will often need to be redone every three decades. We undertake this work at a fixed price per meter.

Cleaning 675 SEK/square meter

New endings on flat weave rugs 4 950 SEK/meter

New endings on knotted rugs 6 100 SEK - 10 100 SEK/meter

Other work 675 SEK/hour