Marco Zanini

Marco Zanini is a Milanese designer who merges Scandinavian sensibility and skillful Italian savoir-faire, informed by a broad interest in arts and design. Read Zanini's own words on work and life, as well as his first collection with Märta Måås-Fjetterström.


Pursuing One's Passion
From a very early age, I developed an intense fascination with fashion imagery, leading to art studies. The initial interest soon blossomed into passion, which later became a profession. My formative years were spent in Milano, where I had the good fortune to work for several renowned fashion houses. That guaranteed me the best training I could hope for, and it gave me the invaluable wealth of experience I needed for an ambitious step further ahead.

In 2007, a breakthrough arrived with the offer of the coveted role of Creative Director at Halston in NYC. Then came Paris, with Rochas and Schiaparelli—other interesting collaborations followed in a ceaseless sequence of events and international encounters.

In 2018, I felt ready to launch my very own brand independently. Initially produced in Italy and currently in Japan, Zanini is a passionate challenge that feels utterly genuine. Merging Scandinavian sensibility and skillful Italian savoir-faire informed by a broad interest in arts and design, my eponymous label is an authentically personal project with which I can fully express my heartfelt commitment to uncompromising quality through an undiluted creative process.

A Righe
I consider the remarkable chance to design a new rug for Märta Måås-Fjetterström the crowning of my long journey in creativity. Having happily lived with MMF rugs in my home for years, I immediately understood that the unique task was unlike any other opportunity I have ever embraced. My approach intended to be humble since the start, and simplicity is the guiding principle I followed. 'Keep It Simple' is my mantra, after all.

My Swedish roots indeed informed the pattern, and hence stripes are a direct reference to the traditional trasmattor I so much love and have enjoyed since childhood. On the other hand, my penchant for colors is inevitably influenced by my Italian origins, as is the name of the new rug, 'A Righe.'

The disarming plainness of the unfussy design hides countless complications and plenty of puzzles: to juxtapose the multitude of six differently colored stripes, yarns of 150 different hues are artfully handwoven together by highly skilled weavers. Only the mastery of their beautiful craft permits them to reach perfect harmony within apparent simplicity, and only at MMF could one obtain such a vibrant and outstanding depth of colors.

What may look effortless requires eight months of study, trials, and work. Eight months of exhilarating inventiveness.