A Righe, Värnamo

52 417 SEK /m²

Hues informed by the subtlety and grace of honest midcentury Scandinavian design – Marco Zanini

Made-to-order rölakan flat weave rug designed by Marco Zanini in 2023. Handwoven wool on linen warp according to the artist’s detailed instructions.

The disarming plainness of the unfussy design hides countless complications and plenty of puzzles: to juxtapose the multitude of six differently colored stripes carefully chosen by Marco Zanini, yarns of 150 different hues are artfully handwoven together by the skilled artisans. Only the mastery of their beautiful craft permits them to reach perfect harmony within apparent simplicity.

A Righe can be made in many sizes and comes in twelve color variations. Please use the button below to make an inquiry.